Healing Hands

The realm that exists between our understanding has always fascinated me. Energy is constantly working around us. Different levels, lengths and power. Often we are affected by them without realizing how.

When I was eight years old, I began to see colors inside people. At first simply red and blue. It was never an aura or what I knew about auras at the time. I would tap into something... some energy and in my minds eye could see a swirl of red around a knot or tear in someones arm. A few years later, because my dad was so intrigued he began to ask around in the metaphysical community. They called me a 'Medical Intuitive'. Meaning that I was apparently able to 'see' ailments inside people and shift it. Energetic manipulation.

I believe that there is energy all around us, some that directly correlates with our own and some that simply exists beside you. I believe that with the right intention and focus, this energy can be tapped into and understood.

Welcome to the Temple of The Magdala

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Meditation Council

Let me guide you in finding the perfect meditation for your style. Everyone's energy is different and thus requires fine tuning when it comes to rooting that energy and calming the soul. I love helping to create the practice that is perfect for you

Alyssa Hass aka Ali Hass February 6 2016-0597.jpg

Energy Cleanse

Perhaps you've been feeling listless as of late. Stagnant in your own bones. Often times, negative energy from your every day life can become caked on your spirit. A relaxing reboot is exactly what you need. 

Alternatively, is there something that has been causing you mental and emotional stress? Let me help prevent that particular negative energy from tormenting you.  


When is the last time you've given your feet some love? Feet and hands are some of the most neglected parts of the body when it comes to self love. They work tirelessly and therefore need special care. Even just a few moments of focus will relieve tension in your spirit that has been building up.