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The Brew

The Brew


I’ve made you a brew
You’ll like it, it’s true
I’ve made We in a bottle for thee
With a cork of black Onex new

I’ve put in stars my dear
From Orion’s belt and the sisters’ legs
I ground them up in our tainted mortar and pestle

Just to give it a kick is all

I put in the sole of your foot
One day, I’d like to read the palms of feet; to see the complete past of a being

I snuck into your room and stole one of my heart slivers back and cracked the juice into
our bottle of stars and silence

I only put in a fraction of genius
For you see, the amount of Pride Extract I had to drop in, combined with too
much genius would create insanity

I dictated my soul to the devil of art to grant me passage into Poe
See, I carved out your eye with a grapefruit spoon and gave our concoction a whole new

I captured the dust from a golden orb, black basement and my bedroom floor to cover the
bottle with

Do you remember the days we felt so old?
Minds tired, our clock seemed to stop
Then we would return to the eternity within a touch and our time would be up

I positioned myself on a mountain and watched time. After I had learned her movements
and mind I captured her within a box. Then I drowned her and blended her up for our
beautiful stew

I put Jack Daniels in even though you hate him
He bites like you do

And words my love
I put in all of the words we painted while our fingertips absorbed each other
All the words that I sewed into my skin so they wouldn’t make a sound
The silence danced with the dark nothing brilliantly

Finally after scraping my bones of your resin
I sprinkled Rosemary in our bloody wine
To create the numb intoxication that was supplied by your everything

I’ve decided to burn the bottle
Forge it in a fiery hurricane with traces of madness and vanity
So the soul that we built can bloom into nothing


Words with the Sycamore Tree pt. 1

Words with the Sycamore Tree pt. 1